Liverpool 4 Stoke 1 Match Report

By Josh Wee

Twelve year old Josh Wee is our youngest contributor to the site. However don't be fooled by his young age, this keen Red tells it like it is. Have a read and be prepared for some great match insight throughout the season from this talented up and coming Red journo.

Liverpool played out an entertaining match against the visiting Stoke City a few days after Christmas. The final scoreline was reflective of Liverpool’s dominance as the game finished at a comfortable 4-1 result. During the match, Stoke’s Jonathan Walters scored early in the game which meant that Liverpool had to claw their way back.

As Dejan Lovren was unable to stop the run from Walters’, the result was a Stoke goal as Walters flicked it over Simon Mignolet who has been replacing Karius for the past few games as both keepers are trying hard to start in the number 1 position for Liverpool.

The equaliser came from Adam Lallana as Divock Origi played a great through ball to Sadio Mane as the pacey winger sprinted down the line. Mane then crossed it in to Lallana who then tried to control but he took a heavy touch. Luckily for him, former Liverpool defender Glen Johnson tried to block it because he thought it was a shot but it just rebonded of his foot and back to Lallana who then slotted it in.

Suddenly, after that first goal, Liverpool possessed the courage that made them very dangerous. If all of their chances went went in, the match would have been won at half time. But instead, it was 2-1 as Roberto Firmino scored Liverpool’s second goal as he controlled it and struck it onto the post. However, luck was on his side as it ricocheted off onto the other post and went in.

Liverpool’s lead was threatening to become a clean sweep victory as Liverpool scored a third goal. Origi made a great run down the left flank. He then fizzed it into the box as Stoke’s Imbula got the final touch making it an own goal.

The win was sealed when the Stoke defence tried to pass it back to the keeper. However, Sturridge was there waiting and he pounced on the opportunity and went past the keeper to score.





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